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Harai Makikomi to Sankaku from Kelita Zupancic

Harai Makikomi to Sankaku from Kelita Zupancic

Kelita Zupancic is a Canadian judoka who earned gold for Canada in 2010, 2013, and 2015 at the Pan American Games.  She competed in the 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games representing Canada.

She has joined forces with JudoFanatics.com to share all of her knowledge of the sankaku technique and how to get there from a number of positions, to finish the match.

In the excerpt below from her COMPLETE GUIDE TO SANKAKU, she shows how she transitions from Harai-Makikomi to Sankaku.  Check it out in the video below from the Judo Fanatics YouTube Channel.  This is one of Kelita Zupancic's favorite techniques because she can use it against both right-handed and left-handed opponents.

Harai-Makikomi is a sacrifice throw that usually follows a failed Harai-Goshi. Instead of aborting the technique, she tori would clamp down on uke’s upper arm and throw them in a wrapping motion. 

In Kelita Zupancic's case, she goes straight for the Harai-Makikomi and when uke slips out of the throw, he ends up in a turtle position. Kelita maintains a strong Figure-4 Kimura grip to maintain control on uke.  This grip allows her to pull uke upwards to secure the initial leg positioning for the sankaku.  Once Kelita falls to the side, she employs a keylock with uke's belt to disable uke’s left arm. She then uses her right hand to pull uke in tighter and secure the sankaku.

Add this useful transition to your game plan when uke manages to slip out of your Harai-Makikomi or whenever uketurtles up.  By maintaining control of the arm, you will able to keep uke on the defensive and work your game plan until you secure the sankaku.

To learn more about sankaku from Kelita Zupancic, check out her COMPLETE GUIDE TO SANKAKU, available from JudoFanatics.com now. You can get yours here or at the Buy Now link below.